fishing on the Long Island Sound

Fluke Fshing in Long Island Sound!

Fluke caught on the Long Island Sound, off the coast of New Rochelle, NY, on the Moontide Fishing Charter.


What kind of fish can we catch ?


Striped Bass
Stiped Bass Fishing, NYThe striped bass is a schooling species, moving about in small groups during the first two years of life and thereafter feeding and migrating in large schools. Seven or eight narrow stripes extending lengthwise from back of the head to the base of the tail form the most easily recognized characteristic of this species. The striped bass or "striper" is native to most of the East Coast. Because this fish possesses such a rich, lovely flavor, Fillets are great to grill, sauté, sear or pan-fry.

Along with its vivaciousness, taste and versatility, striped bass has sustainability on its side. Hook-and-line caught striped bass from the U.S. Atlantic is considered a “best choice” by Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch.

Blue Fish
Blue Fishing, NYThe bluefish is a marine fish found around the world in temperate and subtropical waters, except for the northern Pacific Ocean. The bluefish is a moderately proportioned fish, with a broad, forked tail. Coloration is a grayish blue-green dorsally, fading to white on the lower sides and belly. Its single row of teeth in each jaw is uniform in size, knife-edged, and sharp.the distinctive flavor makes bluefish a favorite with some diners and repugnant to others. Like all fish, bluefish should be gutted, iced promptly, and eaten fresh. Very Tasty!

Fluke Fishing, Long Island SoundThe summer flounder, or "fluke," a flatfish is found in coastal waters from the southern Gulf of Maine to Florida. Like other species of flatfish, the fluke has both eyes on one side of its head and rests on the ocean floor on its side. Summer flounder are called the chameleons of the sea because of their ability to change color to match the bottom on which they are found. They are fun to watch them "flop" about the boat when caught (flounder comes from the Dutch word flodderen, which means “to flop about.”) and are are very tasty when simply cooked.

Porgies fishing in a Long Island SoundPorgies, sometimes called sea breams have a single dorsal fin, and their small mouths are equipped with strong teeth. Porgies are generally shallow-water fishes and are found throughout tropical and temperate waters. You hardly ever see porgy on a restaurant’s menu... specials maybe, but not on the actual menu. They are smaller fish - so they are great for cooking whole. They are also great filleted and grilled or sautéed. It has a mild, sweet flavor that is similar to snapper.

Black Fish Fishing in Westchester, NYThe blackfish is one of the tastiest of all saltwater fishes, but not all that popular. No doubt some of this lack of popularity has to do with the blackfish's reluctance to be caught. It is a notorious bait-stealer and one of the most difficult fish to hook. It is usually thought of as an early and late fall fish, but can be caught all year around. Since it inhabits wrecks and rough bottoms it really doesn't go anywhere.


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